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Free Vacations

Free Vacations is a term used in English-speaking North America to describe a lengthy time away from work or school, a trip abroad, or simply a pleasure trip away from home, such as a trip to the beach that lasts several days or longer. In the rest of the English-speaking world the word holiday is used, whereas in North America, "holiday" normally applies to a specific national holiday or long weekend related to such a day Free Vacations. In some cases "vacation holiday" is used in North America, which signifies that a vacation trip is taken during a traditional national holiday period, extended on either end of the period by taking additional time off from work—creating a longer time unencumbered by work, an extended "long weekend", as it were Free Vacations. This practice is common in the United States where employers give far fewer annual vacation days (see below) than European employers—so stretching the related national holidays tends to conserve one's accumulated total of eligible days available for longer quality vacation excursions Free Vacations.

In England the word "vacation" referred specifically to the long summer break taken by the law courts (and later universities)—a custom introduced by William the Conqueror from Normandy where it was intended to facilitate the grape harvest Free Vacations. The French term is similar to the American English: "Les Vacances." The term derives from the fact that, in the past, upper-class families would literally move to a summer home for part of the year, leaving their usual family home vacant Free Vacations. Most countries around the world have labor laws mandating a certain number of days of time off per year to be given to a worker. In Canada the legal minimum is two weeks, while in most of Europe the limit is significantly higher Free Vacations. Neither the U.S. nor China requires that employees receive any vacation time at all Free Vacations. There are movements fighting for laws requiring more vacation time for American workers such as timeday.org.